Pastor Loren Olson  

Aspirations for Ministry and for Serving the Local Church
I believe the church is the hands and feet of Christ in the world. When we follow Christ and proclaim the divine realm with authenticity and character, in word and action, we transform lives and society. My future is to be ‘out there’ meeting Christ where He is at work, whether in and through the work of the congregation I serve, or my commitment to the broader social context.
Spiritual Disciplines and Study
I practice daily bible study and prayer, as well as regular theological reading and worship. 


Pastor Linda Boorman

Call to Ministry in the United Methodist Church
I was encouraged by Pastor Gary Lueck to become a certified lay speaker.  I enjoyed leading worship and interacting with the members of the congregations.  I felt drawn to do more---preach more, lead studies and do pastoral care.  I began to explore being a Licensed Local Pastor.
Theological Perspective
God and I have walked together for a long time now, at times through pure joy and at other times on a pretty rocky road.  He has been my strength when I had none, my stability when I was shaken, and my hope when life was dark.  He is close, even when I forget Him.  I believe that God is always shaping us, if we just let go and let Him.  The people I encounter every day are teaching me about God and His love.  I pray that I may do the same for others and those I meet.
Pastor Joyce Parker

Call to Ministry 
At twenty-five years old, I was on a two-week retreat at the Lutheran Institue Retreat Center in Hawaii. At the first service, I "heard" God say He wanted me to go into the ministry. I then saw what was apparently a vision of Jesus. Not knowing anyone very well, I was embarrassed as I cried in response to His presence and love. However, as I tried to get involved with ministry when I got back, I only met closed doors. Eventually, a group (from the retreat and others under the same leader who organized the trip) started a college aged part-time ministry. We organized and led retreats where students encountered God were touched by His love.Through that, I met my husband to be and got married. I began to wonder what happened to the call as by now, the ministry had disbanded and we started having children. I decided then to raise my children as my congregation. I home schooled them, being in charge of their academic as well as their spiritual training. As teenagers and adults, they have been all over the world in mission opportunities and are still involved in church and occasional mission events. When the last two were in high school, God called me to go back to school to beocme a pastor. Having fulfilled that, I am now pursuing and living out that call.

Spiritual Disciplines and Study
I believe in not only having specific prayer time alone with God, but I also speak with God all day long as able ("Pray without ceasing")- 1 Thess.5:17). My goal is to praise and thank God no matter what the circumstances ("In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you"-1 Thess 5:18). I want to strive to have God's joy present in my life. I read the Bible every day, but I also try to remember verses that apply to my situation at the time. I believe the Bible is not just God's story and a foundation on which to live my life, but words which bring renewal and transformation ("Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind"-Romans 12:2). therefore, I also try to mediate on God's word. I also participate in studies at my church when offered at various times such as Lent and Advent.


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